Payment has been made successfully!

Your appointment has been set and blocked especially for you!

I have to explain why first appointment is partly payed in advance,


When you schedule an appointment with your doctor the payment for the doctor is being made whether you've arrived or not, And yet the doctor is saving your appointment just for you!

In case of a massage, Besides the time that has been saved for you, the therapist is making a great effort to heat/cool the clinic, fold and open the right equipment for your thrapy, prepare the essential oils diffuser so the air will be cleaner and the atmosphere will be calmer..

When you don't show up and not notifying proper time in advance other patients that really wants to schedule instead of you missing their chance and me - the therapist gets lots of lost time that I have nothing to do with except for waiting for the next patient.

In addition you can call it "seriousness fee" - a patient that expects a serious and ​high quality treatment needs to show the right to accept the therapy on the time he himself booked!

And yet, what's the policy in case of cancellation of first therapy?

As a rule, First appointment will get a 100% refund in case the appointment as been cancelled at least 24 hours in advance!

Cancellation at the time between 24-2 hours in advance will recieve 50% refund as credits for future therapy,

During the 2 hours before the appointment no refund will be allowed.

There are some special cases like - sudden sickness, or any other unusual event not under the control of the patient (And no, traffic jam or your boss didnt allow you doesnt count..) will be refunded as long as there will be at least a 1 hour in advance notice and by showing a proof (a doctor visit telling your sick of example..)

So, How to get ready for your first massage you ask?

First of all it's important to know that there are different ways we need to get ready for a table massage (Swedeish/classic, deep tissue, aromatherapy) or a mattress (Shiatsu, Thai massage)

Table massage - The massage itself is directly on the skin, in some cases with cream (deep tissue) and some with oil (Swedish/classic, aromatherapy).

Mattress massage - Since those massages are on the patient clothes and likely the need for free movements it's reccomended that the clothes wouldnt be rough and will be as smooth as possible (no buttons) - sports cloths or similar.

Looking forward to see you!

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