Yaniv Melamed - Kamama

Yaniv Melamed HHP
Kamama - Health care & Wellness


Private home clinic (Booking in advance is required)

Azriel 11,

Jerusalem, Israel.


You can contact via Whatsapp too!!

When there is no answer please leave a message (Someone might be in the middle of a therapy).



About me

My name is Yaniv Melamed, an HHP therapist in Jerusalem.

The massages I can offer are : Shiatsu, Classic-Swedish massage, Traditional Thai massage, Deep-tissue massage (medical), Aromatherapy massage, Cuppings.

The massages are good for relaxation, of the spirit and muscles, blood stimulation, and many other conditions.

The clinic is located inside a private house (which allows better prices), meant to give a feeling of a "bubble" so it will be easier to clear your mind from the daily life.

Contact to schedule online and for further information.

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