The massages Kamama offers

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To maximize the effect of the therapy it's recommended to come for several therapies - Feel free to consult which therapy is best fits you, and you can buy a discount card too! (When paying for 5 therapies+ in advance)! - Valid for a year.

Please notice - Scheduling a therapy in advance is a must!


Shiatsu is a Japanese traditional massage based on the Chinese medicine and meridians,
Shiatsu is used in order to balance the body and soul (yin&yang) by using pressure of thums or palms mostly on the patient's body.
The therapy itself is very relaxing, and can bring to both phisical and emotional relaxation.

The massage is on a mattress, without the use of oil.


Zen-Shiatsu 45 mins : 200 nis

Zen-Shiatsu 60 mins : 250 nis

Zen-Shiatsu 90 mins : 350 nis

Zen-Shiatsu 120 mins : 450 nis

Deep tissue massage

A deep massage that is used to treat very specific pains, not always considered as the most pleasant massage, but is one of the most helpful massages! it reaches the deepest muscles and help release them and get rid of unneeded lactic acid from the muscles and body.

Important thing to mention - very often a "strong Swedish massage" in spas is being wrongly named under "Deep tissue massage".

Cupping is a Chinese technique to renew a muscle tissue by putting a "cupping" on a painful area, which brings blood to the place and help regenerate the area - be aware it leaves marks that lasts for about 3 weeks.

Combines oil.

Medical massage.

Can be combined with Swedish massage.


Deep-tissue 30 mins : 150 nis

Deep-tissue 45 mins : 200 nis

Deep-tissue 60 mins : 250 nis

Deep-tissue 90 mins : 350 nis

Swedish massage

Also known by the name "Classic Massage", the most known massage from the spas all around the world.

Combines smooth movements, and with the use of oil and pure essential oils (2% concentration) can bring the patient to relaxation, and can aid blood circulation.

It's real origin came from China, but been developed into a more western technique in Sweden later, and been known since.


Swedish 45 mins : 200 nis

Swedish 60 mins : 250 nis

Swedish 90 mins : 350 nis

Traditional Thai massage

Also called "Yoga massage", it is basically a passive Yoga exercise that combines yoga body movements, postures and stretching.
With the use of strong pressure points can help relief pain and helps regenerate the body and muscles.

The massage is on a mattress, without the use of oil, 


Thai massage 60 mins : 250 nis

Thai massage 90 mins : 350 nis

Thai massage 120 mins : 450 nis

Thai massage 180 mins : 630 nis

Thai massage 240 mins : 800 nis

Aromatherapy massage

An aromatic massage with the use of pure essential oils (6% concentration), The massage itself is very slow, soft and relaxing, can be customized to the patient current status, or can be chosen by given aromas (Citrus, Floral, Lemon-Vanilla, etc..).


Aromatherapy 60 mins : 250 nis

Aromatherapy 90 mins : 350 nis